Digital Customer Experience: A Path to Profitable Growth

The COVID-19 crisis has caused mass upheaval in the financial industry. How can you stay ahead of the changing consumer behavior, our uncertain economy, and escalating expectations to remain innovative and stay ahead of your competition?

Join James Nichols, SVP and Head of Customer Solutions at Voya Financial, alongside Grid Dynamics' own Rahul Bindlish and learn how you can:
- Transform your digital experience and increase margins
- Leverage digital assistants to add 1 million users a month
- Transition into the work-from-home and stay-at-home environment

James Nichols, SVP, Head of Customer Solutions Group at Voya Financial
Talk: “Transforming Voya’s Customer Experience.”

Rahul Bindlish, Vice President, Sales at Grid Dynamics
Talk: "Digital transformation: creating differentiation through customer experience and engagement."

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